Instantly Ageless – The Doctors As Seen On CBS TV

Instantly Ageless – In The News on Inside Edition!

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Some women place spoons under their eyes. Others use potatoes or tea bags, and sometimes cold bottles of water.

What are they doing that for?

They’re trying to get rid of wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes.

Now, a video is taking the internet by storm. It features a woman that has big bags and wrinkles under her eyes. In the video, she applied a serum called “Instantly Ageless” made by a company called Jeunesse.

After she applies it, she turned on a fan and almost like magic you can see a difference — literally in seconds.

So, is it a miracle? Or another over-hyped skin product.

INSIDE EDITION went to Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day to find out. She said: “This is more than just marketing hype.”

Apparently, it does work, according to Dr. Day. But maybe not in the way you think. “It causes instant, but temporary tightening and smoothing of the under eye area that can last anywhere from two to eight hours,” said Dr. Day.

We asked a woman in Times Square to try Instantly Ageless. After the woman applied it, she said: “I see the bags definitley tighten and less puffiness. I would like to try it again.”

So, if you want to de-puff, this might be the product for you. Even if it just lasts for a little while.